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Floor Lamp chiphy Paper Standing 10 Clearance SALE Limited time Color Levels lamp Kansas City Mall Dimmable

Floor Lamp, chiphy Paper Standing lamp, Dimmable 10 Levels Color


Floor Lamp, chiphy Paper Standing lamp, Dimmable 10 Levels Color

Product Description

dimmable lamps
Brown dimmable standing lamp Dimmable brown floor lamp with remote RGB standing lamp with remote Dimmable bulb with remote
Dimmable Dimmable with remote RGB with remote Dimmable bulb with remote
Size 10"x10"x52" 10"x10"x52" 10"x10"x52" E26/27
Dimmable Brightness 200/1400/2400LM 0~2200LM(10 levels) 0~1400LM(10 levels) 0~2200LM(10 levels)
Color Temperature 2700K 2500~6500K(10 levels) 2500~6500K(10 levels) 2500~6500K(10 levels)
Color Warm Yellow White/Yellow 7 Colors+White/Yellow White/Yellow
Bulbs 12W/2 12W/2 9W(RGB)/2 12W/2
Sleeping Timer 30/60mins 30/60mins 30/60mins
Remote Control

Model number: SF210-107(A)-WY-C01

CHIPHY 52 inches dimmable floor lamp with remote

Intimate and welcoming atmosphere

When you rather want a soft sweet ambience for an intimate, welcoming atmosphere, you can always dim the light.

Match easily with modern/traditional decors

Simple and elegant, this CHIPHY standing lamp quietly complements your room with its special appearance.

Color changing and dimmable bulbs

The brightness and color temperature is also adjustable. The lamp creates a fantastic light effect on your home.

Remote control

Not only the feet button can turn off/on the lamp, but also a remote control. Numerous functions are included in the controller.

A sleep timer

If you are on the bed and playing a cellphone or watching TV in the bedroom. The sleep timer can help you turn off the lamp automatically after 30/60 mins.

A unique design

It is different from the arc lamp or Torchiere. The Lamp is like a square column with beautiful texture, when the lamp is on.

Without glare and diffuse

The CHIPHY floor lamp is different from the traditional LED floor lamp. It glows soft and prevent glare and diffuse.


1. Please make sure the accessories of the floor lamp are complete.

2. Please assemble the lamp according to the installation instruction step by step.

3. After assembly the lamp shade maybe has some wrinkle. It will reduce a lot in a few days.

4. If the floor lamp after assembly can’t stand sturdy likes the pictures, please check the installation step according to the instruction carefully.

5. After assembling the poles maybe bend a little but it has no effect for your use.

Floor Lamp, chiphy Paper Standing lamp, Dimmable 10 Levels Color

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