Men's,$510,Swiss-Automatic,Watch,,wit,Alpina,/gravimetrical768073.html,Stainless,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Steel,Startimer Men's,$510,Swiss-Automatic,Watch,,wit,Alpina,/gravimetrical768073.html,Stainless,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Steel,Startimer New life Alpina Men's Startimer Stainless Steel Watch wit Swiss-Automatic New life Alpina Men's Startimer Stainless Steel Watch wit Swiss-Automatic $510 Alpina Men's Startimer Stainless Steel Swiss-Automatic Watch wit Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $510 Alpina Men's Startimer Stainless Steel Swiss-Automatic Watch wit Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men

New life Alpina Men's Startimer Omaha Mall Stainless Steel Watch wit Swiss-Automatic

Alpina Men's Startimer Stainless Steel Swiss-Automatic Watch wit


Alpina Men's Startimer Stainless Steel Swiss-Automatic Watch wit

Product description

​THE ORIGINAL SWISS SPORT WATCH ALPINE SPORTS WATCH MANUFACTURING SINCE 1883 Alpina, famous for its red triangle signature, is an independent, family-owned fine watchmaking manufacture based in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1883, Alpina’s watchmaking history spans more than 130 years. A true pioneer of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Alpina has been the source of numerous innovations, patents and calibers. Alpina invented the concept of the sport watch, as we know it today, with the birth of its legendary Alpina 4 in 1938. Faithful to its long tradition of creating mechanical calibers, Alpina produces five in-house movements in its Manufacture: the Tourbillon AL-980, the World Timer AL-718, the Automatic Regulator AL-950, the Small Date Automatic AL-710, and most recently the AL-760 In House Manufacture Direct Flyback Chronograph, a robust movement with only 96 components. Alpina’s mission is to design and engineer luxury sport watches that operate with the greatest precision and reliability possible in the most demanding sporting environments, like the Alps. The 2015 launch of the Alpina Horological Smartwatch follows this mission with its “connected” technology.

The new Alpina Star timer Pilot Automatic maintains all the pilot features the Star timer Collection is known for. The combination of the excellent and qualitative finishing details and very straight functions offer pilot watch aficionados the perfect balance between functionality and elegance on the wrist. The AL-525NN4S6 features a stainless steel 44 mm case contrasting with a matte blue dial displaying the typical oversized luminous hand-applied indexes and hands with a date window at 3 o'clock. The iconic red Alpina triangle is featured at 12 o'clock and on the seconds hand. The AL-525 automatic movement boasts a 38h power reserve and the timepiece is water-resistant up to 10 ATM/ 100m/ 330ft. The back case shows off the engraved logo of the brand.

Alpina Men's Startimer Stainless Steel Swiss-Automatic Watch wit

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