$90 Topeak DeFender XC1/XC11 Fender Set Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Topeak DeFender Large special price !! XC1 XC11 Fender Set $90 Topeak DeFender XC1/XC11 Fender Set Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation esyllabusforafrica.com,Topeak,Set,Fender,XC1/XC11,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,/ganglioneuroma195245.html,DeFender,$90 esyllabusforafrica.com,Topeak,Set,Fender,XC1/XC11,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,/ganglioneuroma195245.html,DeFender,$90 Topeak DeFender Large special price !! XC1 XC11 Fender Set

depot Topeak DeFender Large special price XC1 XC11 Fender Set

Topeak DeFender XC1/XC11 Fender Set


Topeak DeFender XC1/XC11 Fender Set

From the manufacturer

Topeak XC1 amp; XC11 One set for 29" Wheel Defender


The XC1 is a lightweight, two-piece, moto inspired front fender that attaches to the suspension fork lowers for a closer fit to the tire and excellent mud/spray protection. A precision clamp assembly secures the fender to the fork’s lower legs and a special safety feature allows it to disengage if a large obstruction enters the wheel. The XC11 is a lightweight removable rear fender designed for exceptional mud/spray protection and built specifically for 29er mountain bikes. Multiple pivots allow for easy fender angle adjustment while the quick release clamp adjusts to fit ø25.4 - ø34.9 mm seatposts. Advanced high impact plastic is co-molded to a flexible trailing edge for resistance to impacts while the highly polished underside of the fenders prevents dirt buildup in extreme muddy conditions. Fits MTB 29” tires up to 29” x 2.5”.


Attachment (Front) Two pieces QR bolt-on fork attachment fits ø36 - ø48.5 mm fork legs (XC1)
Material Two tone injected high impact resistant plastic
Adjustable Multiple angles adjustable (XC11)
Attachment (Rear) QR slip joint clamp fits ø25.4 - ø34.9 mm seatposts (XC11)

Topeak DeFender XC1/XC11 Fender Set



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