eSyllabus for Africa is a US based  501c3 that is dedicated to assisting schools in African nations with 1) digital libraries for elearning programs,

2) opportunities for merit based scholarships and

3) providing and procuring infrastructure and funding for after school elearning programs.

By partnering with local African NGOs, not selling costly digital libraries that schools don’t need, and providing the scholarships that serve as the motivator for the students, eSyllabus for Africa has demonstrated the value of elearning programs in Ghana and is now the leading elearning NGO in Africa with regards to the numbers of the students involved in our programs.


  • High school level scholarships in Ghana based upon standardized exam results
  • University level scholarships in Ghana for nationals of Ghana and other African nations.
  • Extra-curricular programs in African Junior and Senior High Schools including tutoring and computer labs.
  • Digital Library Program available throughout Africa