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Robeez Cozy Baby Shoes Special sale item Classic Girl

Robeez Cozy Baby Girl Shoes


Robeez Cozy Baby Girl Shoes

Product description

Light grey leather ankle bootie with faux fur trim and pink leather braided hook and loop closure. Featuring a suede bottom amp; room to grow, they're flexible with movement amp; non-constricting for better balance and stay on, play on power. Leather upper with a suede soleSizing is roomy to accommodate different feet sizes and allow for growing feetFlexible and non-constricting, our baby shoes promote good balance and unrestricted growth while providing protectionNon-slip suede sole helps protect your child from slippingElasticized ankle makes this baby shoe easy to put on and stay onNaturally breathable lining helps feet stay dry and coolFaux fur lining provides extra comfort and warmthPerfect shoes for Infants, Babies, Pre-Walkers and ToddlersBest for indoor use and light outdoor activityApproved by the American Podiatric Medical AssociationSpot clean with a mild detergent and damp clothMade in China | Robeez Infant Grey/Pink Montana Soft Soles Boots

Robeez Cozy Baby Girl Shoes

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