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Geox Women's Annytah New popularity 7 Quilted High quality Suede Round Flats Slipper Toe

Geox Women's Annytah 7 Quilted Suede Round Toe Slipper Flats


Geox Women's Annytah 7 Quilted Suede Round Toe Slipper Flats

Product description

Super soft and rich quilted suede leather slipper flats. Elastic gore side inserts help provide an easy on/off and secure fit. The annytah 7 introduces revolutionary levels of comfort in woman shoes via the triple wellbeing zone footbed. Anatomically designed and quick-drying, it provides maximum cushioning for a long-lasting comfort, thanks to its three areas with diversified densities. 1. Arch support, 2. Memory foam under the ball of the foot 3. Memory foam under the heel. Perforated sole with Geox patent for maximum breathability and comfort. Eva 1.1 sole, extremely lightweight and flexible, with excellent grip also on wet surfaces, as certified by the satra tests. Clean and elegant soft upper. Breathable and high-absorbing inner lining for dry feeling.

Geox Women's Annytah 7 Quilted Suede Round Toe Slipper Flats

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Lakeside Retreats

You don’t need to journey to distant oceans to experience beachside bliss; some of the world’s best beaches can be found lakeside. Discover a few of the most glamorous spots to spread out your towel — or in some cases, private gazebo.  

Denso 234-4013 Oxygen Sensor

Set against the backdrop of some of the world’s most breathtaking mountain ranges, The Ritz-Carlton Mountain and Ski resorts offer unparalleled views, ski-in/ski-out access and a robust selection of experiences and après-ski activities. 

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Discover The beauty of Asia Pacific

Experience modern cities that are home to time-honored traditions; immerse yourself in high-tech epicenters buzzing with energy; relax in tropical regions rich with unmatched natural scenery.

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Skechers Women's Low-Top Trainers

From thoroughly modern fine dining to hidden-gem itineraries informed by local experts, these are the meals and moments you'll never forget.

Journey Deeper

Discover a new perspective on luxury travel. Delve into the world of travel, style and culture with the guidance of the experts at The Ritz-Carlton.  

Sail Away


Set sail on a journey of discovery with The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection on all-inclusive luxury voyages, embarking to exclusive destinations.