$22 Shaka Wear Men's 2Pack Max Heavy Weight 7 oz. Cotton Short Sleev Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Shaka Wear Men's Classic 2Pack Max Heavy Weight Cotton Short Sleev oz. 7 esyllabusforafrica.com,Short,oz.,Max,Shaka,/blackheads475319.html,$22,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Heavy,2Pack,Weight,Wear,Men's,Cotton,Sleev,7 Shaka Wear Men's Classic 2Pack Max Heavy Weight Cotton Short Sleev oz. 7 esyllabusforafrica.com,Short,oz.,Max,Shaka,/blackheads475319.html,$22,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Heavy,2Pack,Weight,Wear,Men's,Cotton,Sleev,7 $22 Shaka Wear Men's 2Pack Max Heavy Weight 7 oz. Cotton Short Sleev Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men

Shaka Wear Men's Classic 2Pack Max Heavy Weight lowest price Cotton Short Sleev oz. 7

Shaka Wear Men's 2Pack Max Heavy Weight 7 oz. Cotton Short Sleev


Shaka Wear Men's 2Pack Max Heavy Weight 7 oz. Cotton Short Sleev

Product Description



7.0 oz The Max Heavy Weight Cotton T shirt

  • The Heaviest Cotton Shirt in industry
  • U.S.COTTON - Our shirts are manufactured using U.S. grown cotton. This ensures that our garments are of the highest quality to meet our standard of excellence.
  • 100% USA cotton / 16 singles / 7.0 oz / 235-240 gsm
  • World famous Shaka quality - Keeps shape over time without stretching or sagging.
  • Famous for its casual style, premium material, quality construction.
  • Durable quality construction with double-needle cover seamed neck shoulder to shoulder tape, sleeves and bottom hem.
  • Reactive Dyed for longer lasting color.
  • Tubular body. ( No seam on sides of body)
  • Preshrunk to minimize shrinkage after wash.
  • Available from Small To 7Xl. Relaxed Fit.

Shaka Wear Max Heavyweight short sleeve T Shirt

The Max Heavy T shirt with the heaviest cotton in industry

The Max Heavy T shirt with the heaviest cotton in industry

Bringing you the most versatile heavyweight t-shirt,

our Max Heavyweight is a classic boxy fit popularized in the 90s streetwear scene.

This timeless t-shirt is still a statement piece for any occasion.

U.S. Grown Cotton

100% U.S. Grown Cotton

Our shirts are manufactured using U.S. grown cotton. This ensures that our garments are of the highest quality to meet our standard of excellence.

Shaka Wear Men's 2Pack Max Heavy Weight 7 oz. Cotton Short Sleev

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