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Turquoise Skies Spirit: Sterling Silver Drop Earrings


Turquoise Skies Spirit: Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

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turquoise skies southwest luxury jewelry
turquoise skies logo southwest luxury jewelry
T. Skies: Made for the modern soul with ancient roots

Our story

How we got our start?
At first, we sold one-of-a-kind hand made pieces and made a safe place for artists to create and sell their wearable art. Over time we created our signature collections, giving local artists consistent income while they worked on their own pieces.
What makes our product unique?
We take a humanist approach - what is the true cost of this jewelry? Someone who puts their heart and heritage into this jewelry? Or sweat-shop labor and pieces that tarnish easily?
Why we love what we do?
Out in the spacious desert, the culture of slow craft and the symbols of nature keep us interconnected. Our signature collections are inspired by the blended cultures of the Southwest and handcrafted by our local artists.

Product Description

The T.Skies Spirit Collection

turquoise skies southwest luxury jewelry spirit

Infused with the spirit of the Southwest

The uniqueness of our spirits plays best in our dreams, ideas, and imagination, revealing the unique purpose of our lives — if we are brave enough to look. The T.Skies Spirit Collection celebrates our individuality, inner truth, and connection to kindred spirits. Whether you’re looking for an everyday style or celebrating a milestone, Spirit adds a touch of class to the moment. Available in sacred turquoise and sleek pinshell, Spirit is handcrafted by a diverse collective of artisans under the T.Skies roof, in the heart of the Southwest.

Turquoise Skies Spirit: Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

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