Tertiary Scholarships

eSyllabus has signed an Memorandum of Understanding with Kwame Nkrumah Univeristy of Science and Technology for the provision of scholarships to brilliant but needy students.  This agreement comprises

1) University scholarship in Ghana for brilliant but needy Ghanaian students.  Standardized exam results (WASSCE exams), KNUST marks and financial need were the basis of selection for the awards. Ghana’s WASSCE exams are similar to A levels in the UK.  eSyllabus offered 31 such scholarships in 2012-2013 at an  cost of $850 per student per annum.

2) eSyllabus will kick of the Scholarship for Women in Medicine in 2013-2014.  The recipients will school at KNUST and have all expenses covered.

Secondary Scholarships

Moreland Owosu, Orphan, 2012 recipient with perfect scores on BECE Math, English and Science. SHS scholarships in Ghana for brilliant but needy students.  eSyllabus has established scholarships with key regional schools, such as Mawuli Senior High in the Volta region and Edinaman Senior High in the Cape Coast area.  The current scholarships were given to needy but brilliant students at those schools.  In 2013, eSyllabus plans expanded scholarship programs. Currently 42 students in Ghana are on scholarship.  These scholarships were for full room and board at prestigious public schools in Ghana, an opportunity that would otherwise be unavailable to such students.  Standardized exam results (BECE exams) were the initial basis of selection for the scholarships, with an indepenedent selection committee analying various factors such as essays and family situation. Mohammed Al-hadar.  Top student from Teshi District.  Attending Ose Tutu in KumasiIMG_4023

Burkina Faso Activities

eSyllabus for Africa has partnered with OPEN Education, a Burkina based NGO, to create and distribute French language digital library materials. We are currently working with the Ministry of Education to digitize textbooks and we are distributing offline French Wikipedia and other French language materials with their blessing and support. We are working with Catholic Schools as well as government schools, and we are looking to establish merit based scholarships similar to those offered in Ghana.

Ethiopia Activities

eSyllabus for Africa has created a partnership with Humedica, a major German based NGO to kick off programs at Addis Abeba schools. The program includes supplying tablets for two high schools and cooperating with the Government of Ethiopia to digitize textbooks. eSyllabus for Africa is also providing teacher training and country specific digital library materials to match the curriculum in Ethiopia.

Ghana Activities

eSyllabus for Africa has been active in Ghana since 2011 and incorporated for NGO status in 2012. Program activities include the following

  1. Distribution of Digital Library Materials. The eSyllabus Digital Library package has been distributed to over 100 schools and libraries. eSyllabus for Africa has a formal agreement with the Ghana Regional Library Authority and is partnered with a variety of local organizations. The Digital Library Materials include offline Wikipedia, educational videos, digital textbooks and copyright unrestricted books and software. The Digital Library Materials are free of charge for schools, though the school must have at least some computers.

  2. Scholarships. eSyllabus for Africa has over 90 students on scholarship at the secondary and tertiary levels. We work with the financial aid departments of the Top 3 Universities in Ghana and have students in fields from medicine, to science to education. We also work with the top high schools in Ghana and have scholarship students and digital library programs at many quality schools.

  3. After School Programs.  eSyllabus has been running after school programs for several years in Ghana with strong academic results.  These programs incorporate both elearning as well as additional tutoring, and the results have been tremendous.  Programs in urban areas such as Tamale, Kumasi, Teshi-Nungua and Takoradi have been successful, as have programs in rural areas such as Battor Kope, Adaklu and Kpetoe.


eSyllabus for Africa is a US based  501c3 that is dedicated to assisting schools in African nations with 1) digital libraries for elearning programs,

2) opportunities for merit based scholarships and

3) providing and procuring infrastructure and funding for after school elearning programs.

By partnering with local African NGOs, not selling costly digital libraries that schools don’t need, and providing the scholarships that serve as the motivator for the students, eSyllabus for Africa has demonstrated the value of elearning programs in Ghana and is now the leading elearning NGO in Africa with regards to the numbers of the students involved in our programs.


  • High school level scholarships in Ghana based upon standardized exam results
  • University level scholarships in Ghana for nationals of Ghana and other African nations.
  • Extra-curricular programs in African Junior and Senior High Schools including tutoring and computer labs.
  • Digital Library Program available throughout Africa