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Mayfair Linen 800 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Geom

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Mayfair Linen 800 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Geom

  • COVID-19 information

    If you are planning to come to Barcelona and want information about the Covid-19, check here for the latest official information.

  • Must see

    Wherever you are in Barcelona, there's always something to see: jewels of Catalan art nouveau, modernisme, and contemporary architecture, markets that are a treat for the senses, ancient Roman and medieval treasures…

  • Getting around

    Barcelona and its metropolitan area offer a wide range of public transport options, so you can get to where you want to go in the city easily and conveniently.

  • Buy your tickets

    Tours, museums, leisure, entertainments, tickets… Plan your visit on VisitBarcelona Tickets. Enjoy discounts and other great offers!

This month in Barcelona

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Enjoy Barcelona

  • Plans for summer 2021 in Barcelona. Enjoy!

    Seasonal , For family

    Look no further, because Barcelona has everything you want. This summer, the city has the best plans for the summer: more than 400 live concerts, international festivals, plans for the evenings so you can escape the heat and enjoy the peace and quiet of the night, cultural activities across the city, food to suit all tastes… and the sea, beaches, boulevards, gardens, shops… Welcome to the summer of your life.

  • Barcelona's best shops

    BCN Life , For family

    Barcelona is the perfect place to go shopping whether you're wanting to renew your wardrobe with clothes by leading brands, or want to browse shops with soul and take away some local products. As you wander through its streets, you'll find everything from fashions and hand-made items to decorative goods and gourmet produce. A love of design is part of the city's DNA so if you're interested in unique and inspiring shops, you've come to the right place.

  • Summer nights in Barcelona: the definitive guide

    Seasonal , BCN Life

    The golden hour begins, the sun is setting and the city become the focus of cultural, art and food-related events. These are the "Nits d'estiu" (Summer nights), an ambitious project that makes the city the go-to place for an unforgettable summer.

  • Barcelona LGTBIQ+-Friendly

    BCN Life

    Barcelona has become on of Europe's favourite destinations for the lesbian, gay, trans, bisexual and intersexual community. As an open-minded and cosmopolitan metropolis, the city offers its visitors a whole host of attractions associated with diversity, freedom and tolerance. The LGTBIQ+ district, with its year-round offer of services, is a good example of this.

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    Summer festivals in Barcelona: the definitive guide

    Seasonal , BCN Life

    Summer nights have so much to offer. For instance, summer wouldn't be summer without a festival. Barcelona's fine weather and eclectic, cosmopolitan spirit make it one of the world's festival capitals, and summer features some of the most eagerly awaited ones. And we're not just talking about music (although in summer there are concerts to suit absolutely all tastes) but practically every artistic trend: literature, film, design, theatre, dance, food… Get ready to cool off with our great choice of culture, concerts and leisure attractions.

  • #ExperienceBarcelona, an alternative way of enjoying an intensive weekend in the city

    BCN Life

    Art, gastronomy, views, excursions by sea and historical secrets… you can do a lot in Barcelona in 48 hours, and we had the opportunity to take advantage of all of it on June 16th and 17th with #ExperienceBarcelona. How would you like to discover it too?

  • The Ribera, between art and the sea

    BCN Life

    The Ribera neighbourhood has its own unique charm. The streets of the Ribera are a living time capsule of the city-s history, and the neighbourhood still provides a window onto the Mediterranean. It is a charming spot with a wide range of options for you to enjoy the sea and culture. Below you-ll find some suggestions for activities you can enjoy for a day.

  • Experience La Mercè festival like one of the locals


    If you're thinking of heading to Barcelona for a break in September, there are five key dates on the calendar when the city opens its doors and celebrates its festivals in style. The Catalan capital dresses up for the occasion to pay tribute to the Mare de Déu de la Mercè, patron saint of Barcelona since 1687.