GAFFER Year-end annual account SPORTFISHING Basic Fishing Belt Waist - Offsho Holder Rod $49 GAFFER SPORTFISHING Basic Fishing Belt Waist Rod Holder - Offsho Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness GAFFER Year-end annual account SPORTFISHING Basic Fishing Belt Waist - Offsho Holder Rod Fishing,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Basic,Offsho,,GAFFER,Holder,Rod,/Immanes767813.html,-,$49,SPORTFISHING,Belt,Waist Fishing,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Basic,Offsho,,GAFFER,Holder,Rod,/Immanes767813.html,-,$49,SPORTFISHING,Belt,Waist $49 GAFFER SPORTFISHING Basic Fishing Belt Waist Rod Holder - Offsho Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Tulsa Mall GAFFER Year-end annual account SPORTFISHING Basic Fishing Belt Waist - Offsho Holder Rod

GAFFER SPORTFISHING Basic Fishing Belt Waist Rod Holder - Offsho


GAFFER SPORTFISHING Basic Fishing Belt Waist Rod Holder - Offsho

From the brand

Gaffer Sportfishing, Fishing belt
Gaffer Sportfishing, Fishing belt

Our story

How we got our start?
This is a classic story of the right place at the right time. When an opportunity arose to acquire a small startup that wanted to exit the business, we couldn't resist. Having grown up in Michigan with a passion for fishing it made it an easy decision to take Gaffer to new heights.
What makes our product unique?
We pride ourselves on world class service while providing anglers with the quality products that fit all of their needs. Plus, we want to make sure the only thing you have to worry about is reeling in that next big prize!
Why we love what we do?
It’s simple. We love what we do and we enjoy the process. We wanted to build our company up, put our own spin on it and bring joy to each one of our customers. So far we are loving every minute of it.

Product Description

Fishing Belt

Gaffer Sportfishing Basic Stand Up Fishing belt with Fighting Belt Rod Holder from Gaffer Sportfishing is yet another in a long line of incredible value in offshore fishing gear. The fishing gimbal harness offers anglers a comfortable and durable option for fighting big fish – Never go on a fishing trip without it!

The adjustment of the comfortably padded kidney belt is easily made and cinched into place with durable plastic snap buckles. Our Fishing Harness has an ABS reel locking pad for a lightweight and durable design. EVA foam padding helps to keep the pad comfortable under pressure. The basic belt will allow for all-day comfort and make sure you don't lose the next big catch!

fishing belt Fishing Harness Fishing belt fishing Gaff Fishing Gaff Fishing Plers
GAFFER SPORTFISHING Shoulder Fishing Harness with Fighting Belt - Blue GAFFER SPORTFISHING Wide Body Stand Up Fishing Harness with Rod Holder - Blue GAFFER SPORTFISHING Basic Fishing Belt GAFFER SPORTFISHING 4' Aluminum Fishing Gaff with Hook, Lanyard, Ergonomic Grip GAFFER SPORTFISHING Extendable Fishing Gaff with Fishing Gaff Hook amp; Lanyard GAFFER SPORTFISHING Aluminum Fishing Pliers
Offshore Fishing
Inland Fishing

GAFFER SPORTFISHING Basic Fishing Belt Waist Rod Holder - Offsho

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