Secondary Scholarships

Moreland Owosu, Orphan, 2012 recipient with perfect scores on BECE Math, English and Science. SHS scholarships in Ghana for brilliant but needy students.  eSyllabus has established scholarships with key regional schools, such as Mawuli Senior High in the Volta region and Edinaman Senior High in the Cape Coast area.  The current scholarships were given to needy but brilliant students at those schools.  In 2013, eSyllabus plans expanded scholarship programs. Currently 42 students in Ghana are on scholarship.  These scholarships were for full room and board at prestigious public schools in Ghana, an opportunity that would otherwise be unavailable to such students.  Standardized exam results (BECE exams) were the initial basis of selection for the scholarships, with an indepenedent selection committee analying various factors such as essays and family situation. Mohammed Al-hadar.  Top student from Teshi District.  Attending Ose Tutu in KumasiIMG_4023

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    Please, why don’t you extend the secondary scholarship to other schools because there are more brilliant but needy students in other schools. These students are more than the ones in the selected school. thank you

    1. Staff Quame Zowonu Reply

      Caesar we will be organizing Mathelets competitions in the various regional capitals and SHS students can watch that space to compete for the available scholarships to attend any University of their choice.We will be giving specific updates with specific time and locations in April. Students will be tested on Calculus and general topics in mathematics.

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